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A new and challenging time

It is a very different world we are all living at the moment. One we don't recognise, and for many, one we are struggling to navigate as we move much of our everyday existence into an ever increasing virtual world. More than ever we need to stay connected with each other and talk to each other. We are going to have to accept asking others for help. We are going to have to work together as a community, a country, a world to help get through this.

As Covid-19 develops I have closed my clinic at Active8 until further notice. Active8 gym is also shut.

For those that have appointments already booked in I will be offering you online appointments for these via zoom, WhatsApp or over the phone.

I am still accepting new patients for those who are looking for advise. Again I can offer these over zoom, WhatsApp or the phone. If you are struggling with pain, or were part way through recovering from an injury/operation do get in touch and lets make sure you can get back to full function.

I am also still offering 1:1 pilates sessions online.

When things are stressful and making us anxious, it's really important to stay active. Social distancing and self isolation guidelines make this challenging, but it is possible. Exercise is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Ironically the sun is shining at the moment......get outside (even if you are confined to your garden/balcony/frontdoor step), close your eyes, life your face up to the sun, feel the warmth, listen to the birds singing, hear nature.......and breathe.

If you want some help or advise do get in touch.

Online charges:

30min follow up appointments - £25

30min initial consultation - £30

40 min 1:1 online pilates session - £30

Take care and stay safe.

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